Transform your life as you
learn the most effective ways to:

  • Break free from procrastination’s grip
  • Stop multitasking
  • Manage interruptions, distractions, and time wasters like social media
  • Unclog your email inbox fast
  • Avoid time-wasting meetings and run effective ones instead
  • Treat “no” as a complete sentence
  • Tame the other deadly time thieves, including poor planning and overcommitting

A revolutionary system that gives you back 1 hour or more of lost time every day. People think they can manage time the way they manage money and other tangible things. But Andrew Mellen, the “Most Organized Man in America,” has discovered that the only way to increase productivity sustainably is to change our relationship with time—our most precious and nonrenewable resource.

Combining cutting-edge neuroscience with common sense and compassionate tough love, Mellen will help you call bullsh*t on the cultures of FOMO and wearing “busy” as a badge of honor. 


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Advance Praise

Here are some advance reviews of the book:

Andrew has shown me how to boldly create order and happiness. He is the source I turn to when it comes to clarity and time management!"
Tamsen Fadal
Emmy-award-winning journalist and author
"Armed with his signature wit and compelling examples, this is a wonderfully accessible guide that pulled me through its pages."
Michael MacLennan
TV writer and creator of Bomb Girls and Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things
"This book is a rallying cry for peo­ple to take back control of their time and their lives. It could not have come at a more opportune moment."
Quentin Fottrell
MarketWatch editor and The Moneyist columnist
"Read this book and you'll find that you do have time for travel and oth­er meaningful activities in your life."
Pauline Frommer
Co-President of the Frommer's guidebooks and
"An invaluable resource to achieve your aspirations. In this book, Andrew pro­vides countless insightful ideas!"
Mitch Goldstone

Andrew Mellen is an organizational expert, public speaker, and the Wall Street Journal (and Audible) best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life!, Calling Bullsh*t on Busy, and The Most Organized Man in America's Guide to Moving.

Andrew has helped over 500,000 people around the world to declutter and simplify their lives while regaining time for the things that matter.